Easter Holidays

It has been hard not to miss the messaging that by taking just 3 days leave over Easter will result in a 10-day break. This accompanied with the advertisements about Easter holiday travel and accommodation specials plus a mixture of eggs, bunnies and decorated hats gives rise to the question is that all that gives these Easter holidays meaning?

We are bombarded, with so much noise so much clatter, that you could be forgiven for not knowing anything about the real meaning of Easter.

Another meaning for Easter holidays?

Yes, there is a deeper meaning. It is about a remarkable man who genuinely cared for people, who healed and fed and comforted. Who reached out to the marginalised, the widow, the orphan and the strangers and confronted the religious and political hierarchies. Who called out hypocrisy and declared God’s love for everyone. Who faced injustice and with quiet resolve confronted his tormentors. Who, having predicted his demise, was beaten and scourged and nailed to a cross but spoke words of forgiveness and of hope.

This is the other story that cannot be silenced, the message of Jesus the Son of God and his death and after three days his resurrection. This is the real meaning of Easter that offers the possibility of restoration and renewal and hope for people like you and me.

This a great reason to celebrate, to enjoy these holy days.  You can read the record of the first Easter in the Bible in the Gospel of John chapters 19 and 20.

As Will Small says in his prose at www.otherstory.com.au

The God we crucified is making all things new.

And he extends his palm to you.

So, what are you going to do?

Reverend Keith Jobberns
National Ministries Director