STATEMENT OF THE ASIA PACIFIC BAPTIST FEDERATION ON THE STATE OF EMERGENCY IN MYANMAR The APBF which is constituted by 63 member conventions in 22 nations across Asia Pacific with over 33,000 members, part of the 47 Million Baptist among the Baptist World Alliance spread in 126 nations worldwide with 241 member bodies would like to express its deep concern over the state of emergency declared in Myanmar.  Please read the full statement here.

APBF Myanmar statement


We invite you to join us as we lift our voices as one asking for justice and peace to prevail in this hurting nation.
We pray especially for the people as they struggle with the economic crisis and the uncertainty that is before them.
For those who are on the streets and raising their voice against the injustice.
For the increasing COVID cases as well as the testing interruptions due to Health Workers being in the forefront of civil disobedience.
For Children and the young people who have their education disrupted.
For the tensions that seem to be rising amongst the ethnic groups, that there will be no more bloodshed.
Pray for people to not get discouraged and look at the history but to remain in hope as they trust in God to do the impossible and restore the situation.

APBAid has been in touch with our Baptist partners in Myanmar. APBaid will continue to monitor the situation and hope to do some relief work.