A Report by Baptist Care Australia
September 2019

Like all Australians, we at Baptist Care Australia want to see the nation’s children, families and communities flourish. Our vision is to work towards a nation of hope-filled, purposeful people building communities where every voice is heard.

Our commitment is to the safety, happiness, participation and empowerment of all children. All Australian children have the right to access and receive quality supports and services where and when they need them.
If this is the Australia we want, the wellbeing of our children is a crucial starting point. Our childhood sets the course of our future. The memories and experiences we have as a child remain with us throughout our lives, affecting the adults we become in the most fundamental of ways.

If we want to know how we can work to improve the lives of Australia’s children, we need to know what life is like for young people in 2019. This report looks at seven fundamental aspects of a child’s life. We explore the state of the nation and how we can make meaningful changes to the lives of Australia’s kids.

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