On 14 March, Cyclone Idai made landfall in Mozambique, before cutting its destructive path through Malawi and Zimbabwe… and leaving disaster in its wake.

Already, 500 children, women, and men have been killed. And with hundreds of people still missing – and 15,000 more still awaiting rescue – it’s now a race against time to stop the rising death toll.

In the months ahead, one of the biggest threats to survivors will be water contamination and the risk of waterborne disease. Without your generous support to provide urgently needed emergency relief, the risk of disease outbreak is high.

Today, your generous gift means our partner in the disaster zone can begin to meet the most urgent of needs… including the provision of clean-drinking water and emergency food supplies.

Your generosity will help to keep cyclone survivors healthy and safe from disease. Today your gift will be used to ensure that the health of cyclone survivors does not deteriorate.

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