‘Discipling’ is one of those concepts that sits atop the lexicon of concepts Christians are in furious agreement on – in that like evangelism and mission, we regard discipling as an imperative. However it isn’t all that common to find a church that has a comprehensive system of discipling people, and that is often due to the lack of new believers coming to faith in our churches.

Our keynote speaker at the Crossover’s Emerge Evangelism Conference this year was Dale Stephenson, senior pastor of Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne. Crossway have spent considerable time wrestling with this question and have come up with a discipleship system that everyone in the church can participate in which is symbiotically linked to evangelism.

We recorded four of Dale’s talks during the conference, which are available for you to access via our website here: https://www.crossover.org.au/building-discipling-culture/

You can also find out more about ‘Building a Discipling Culture’ on their website here: www.bdc.org.au