We join with our brothers and sisters in the Baptist Churches of New Zealand in condemning the
attacks on the mosques in Christchurch.

We stand with them in their statement, “The events that have occurred in Christchurch are horrific.
The prayers of the Baptist movement are with the many victims and their families and friends.”

We support the National Leader of Baptist Churches of New Zealand, Charles Hewlett, who has
travelled to Christchurch to be with the Baptist community there as they pray for the Muslim
community and join in their lament.

We also join our churches in Australia with the New Zealand churches in their statement, “The
Baptist Churches of New Zealand share grief with the Muslim community.  You should be able to
practise your faith in peace.  We sharply condemn all hatred and violence.  We pray for you in your
suffering.” https://www.baptist.org.nz/events/

18th March 2019