“It is finished,” were the last words from the lips of Jesus as He hung on the Cross. On the surface it sounds like, “At last, it’s over.” But, the true sense of the cry declares, “My purpose is accomplished!”

The two criminals also being crucified at the same time, the bored soldiers loitering around the execution site, and the crowds who swung by to see the spectacle, had no idea that anything of importance had been accomplished.

It looked very much like another dead Jew on a Roman cross. Nothing to write home about. But God was at work preparing for a new era, unlike anything the world had seen before. The resurrection of Jesus Christ began a new era when all people can meet God, one-on-one!

It doesn’t matter if this Easter feels spectacular or fairly uninspiring, be assured that every moment you give thought to Jesus Christ, every time you honour Him and seek Him, every day you turn your heart again towards Him, He is accomplishing His purpose in you.

You are the reason He became a man, suffered and died on a cross. He loves you that much, even if it doesn’t feel that way to you.

Perhaps the greatest words in history, “It is finished,” were spoken by Jesus Christ as He was dying on the cross. What He finished enables you to have the opportunity to know God and His mercy, forgiveness and love. Forever.

This Easter, I invite you to explore what Jesus finished and how it can be the start of something that will change your life forever.

Rev. Mark Wilson
National Ministries Director
Australian Baptist Ministries