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Baptist Care Australia

Sharing information across like-minded organisations has many benefits. In 1990, the CEOs of Baptist community service organisations from each state got together to discuss how this could be approached. From these discussions Baptist Care Australia was born.

In 1994 Rev Ian Paxton, then CEO of Baptist Care Victoria, was elected President, and June Heinrich, the CEO of Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT, was elected Secretary.

In 1997 Baptist Care Australia (BCA) was incorporated. BCA is now the peak body representing Baptist community care services across Australia. The main purpose of the organisation is to represent the interests of all Baptist Community Organisations to the Government.

Baptist Care Mission

For the benefit of those who receive our services, the members of BCA seek to provide support and encouragement to each other as care providers and to promote our work to our Churches, the wider community and to Government in the name of Jesus Christ.

Baptist Care Values

As part of the wider Christian response to community need, we as Baptist organisations desire together to develop and maintain our unique contribution through the following:

  • Sharing of strategies, resources, research and information to help progress Baptist Care across Australia.
  • Providing a united voice to lobby governments and community agencies on policy issues.
  • Reinforcing the credibility of state agencies enabling each to promote themselves as part of a larger network.
  • Encouraging Baptists across Australia to support their caring agencies.

For more information see the Baptist Care Australia website



As a movement of churches across Australia we are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus by word and deed. The Baptist Union of Australia supports evangelism across the nation through the ministry of Crossover.

Go to the Crossover website.

Our Vision

We envisage a movement of churches marked by a passionate commitment to evangelism leading to life and community transformation across Australia and beyond.

Our Purpose

To serve our movement, as a partner and catalyst, in inspiring and equipping churches and leaders in evangelism.

Our Ministry

Crossover’s ministry is centred on three strategic priorities: resourcing churches, equipping pastors and leaders, and facilitating missional dialogue.

Public Policy

A Just Cause

We equip Australian churches to pursue justice on issues affecting our national life. Our current focus is refugees and asylum seekers. In the next few years we’ll look at reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians; homelessness; and the environment.

We connect people with resources they can use to get informed and to educate their church; with advocacy campaigns; and with practical opportunities to serve those for whom they advocate.

For more information see A Just Cause

Freedom 4 Faith

Freedom 4 Faith has been established to promote freedom of religion and belief in Australia. It seeks to educate the Christian and wider community on the fundamental role of religious freedom in a liberal society and, in time, to assist churches and faith-based organisations in defending legitimate expressions of religious freedom.

Freedom 4 Faith is governed by senior Christian leaders from the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Seventh-day Adventist and Pentecostal traditions, as well as legal experts. Visit the Freedom 4 Faith website.


The Australian Published an article on 25 October 2018 entitled Religious leaders seek right to believe not power to discriminate by Prof Patrick Parkinson, board member of Freedom 4 Faith.  Click here to  read it.

New Communities

Healthy Vibrant Communities

Developers have realised that the heart of new suburbs is much deeper than just the community infrastructure; it is found in the meaningful connections between residents and new-found friends. Local churches in particular are called to bring a positive contribution towards a meaningful community life in the name of Jesus.

Healthy Vibrant Communities Ltd (HVC) seeks to address the needs of these new communities in their collaborative work with developers, funders, local churches and professionals.  Their mission is to promote the sustainable development of such venues while reflecting community values and providing essential services from a local church venue.

HVC uses principles learned by CrossLife, a baptist church in QLD, led by their Lead Pastor Matt Hunt.  Since 2012, CrossLife developed two community venues, Lakeside and The Well, while at the same time establishing three church campuses across these sites. The goal of HVC is not to replicate ‘little CrossLifes’, but rather to apply CrossLife’s experiences and lessons learned for the growth and benefit of other churches and new suburbs around the nation.

Visit their website


Insurance & Finance

Baptist Insurance Services

The Baptist Union of Australia holds insurance policies covering property, liability, personal accident, crime, contract works (available on request).

For more information including claim forms visit the Baptist Insurance Services website

For more information, please telephone Baptist Insurance on +61 3 9880 6166 or email

Baptist Financial Services

Baptist Financial Services Australia Ltd (`BFS’ and `Baptist Financial Services’) provides a Charitable Investment Scheme for the sole purpose of resourcing, developing and enhancing Baptist ministry.

BFS seeks client funds from across the Australian Baptist denomination to support the development of Christian ministry through the provision of relevant financial products. BFS works with local churches, associated ministries and with denominational bodies. This has proven to be a wonderful encouragement to many Baptist and other Christian ministries to resource and fund their operations and develop and expand them. Additionally, BFS seeks to provide support and understanding to churches and organisations that are looking for financial solutions in a complex commercial environment.

BFS is a specialist lender to the Australian Baptist denomination and other Christian churches and organisations.

Go to the Baptist Financial Services website.



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