The ‘In Between’ Day

Easter Saturday is the ‘in between’ day. It sits awkwardly between Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross, and Easter Sunday, the day He rose to life again.

For the original followers of Jesus it was a day of uncertainty and grief. On the first Easter Saturday they didn’t know how events would resolve. They had to live in the uncertain space ‘in between’.

I am glad that Jesus didn’t die one hour and rise the next, even though He could have. Yes, a quick death and rapid resurrection would satisfy today’s need for a storyline that could be resolved before the next ad break.

Depending on your view, the ‘in between’ Saturday might see you focusing on the death of Jesus, that it was a horrible, but necessary way to overcome the power of death once and for all. Or, you might be one of the optimistic and positive people who look forward to Sunday and celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead and delivered on the promise of eternal life. Another possibility is that you don’t care if some guy died a long time ago and you just want to enjoy the holidays.

No matter which way you look at it, Easter Saturday is filled with contrasts. It’s the ‘in between’ day that stares you in the face and says, “God is not finished yet!”

So how has your Easter been so far? Has it lived up to your expectations or crashed and burned? The good news is that God isn’t finished with you yet and, frankly, it doesn’t matter what your expectations are of this or any other Easter. His death and resurrection has drawn every storyline – including yours – to a conclusion.

Our feelings about Easter do not and cannot alter God’s plan for you in Jesus’ resurrection. He has paid the price for your life and bought eternity with Him as a gift. He has created a storyline with the ultimate finale. The only part left to be resolved is whether you will accept the gift. What will your response be this Easter Saturday?

Reverend Mark Wilson

National Ministries Director

Australian Baptist Ministries