Disruption, disillusionment and diversity: the future of the church

Research by McCrindle sponsored by Baptist Financial Services.

 As social researchers McCrindle spend their time studying the social and demographic landscape to understand emerging trends and advise organisations on how to adapt for an ever-changing future. So 2020 has kept then very busy.

Several national studies were conducted through the year to understand how Australians have been affected by the challenge and change that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. Australians have been feeling anxious, frustrated and vulnerable as a consequence of the health, economic and social impacts of COVID-19. They also found that two in five Australians have felt the biggest negative impact of COVID-19 socially, missing the human connection to family and friends.

In times of crisis and social and economic disruption people tend to ask themselves what really matters. Half of Australians say they have thought more about the meaning of life and their own mortality this year. This deepening of the inner life has seen an increase in spiritual and faith activities, with one in four Australians saying they have engaged in more spiritual conversations and 28% reporting they have been praying more.

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