Additional Resources

This page will grow over time with a collection of associated articles to assist with sermon writing and additional reading.  If you’d like to add your sermon notes or other resources you created in your Values Project series to this collection, please email us.

Sermon Ideas for The Values Project series
Christ Centred
Christ Centred Sermon

Community Sermon

Mission Sermon

Freedom Sermon

Additional Reading/Resources

The Story of the Australian Baptist Movement – 4 minute video

A Baptist in Search of Himself – By Allan Demond May 2015
This article is based on a talk given to Baptist leaders at the Installation Service for Rev. Dr. Bill Brown as the Chairman of the National Council of Australian Baptist Ministries, 19 May 2015.

Four Hundred Years – The History of the Baptist Church
A short book on the history of the Baptist Church

Video – Thomas Helwys
History of Baptists from 1600 onwards